A commitment to clean air, a commitment to wellness

Menarco Tower is the first and only WELL Certified™ Gold office building in Southeast Asia.

Why choose a WELL building for your business?

  • Fresh, pre-cooled, MERV 13 filtered air to help prevent the spread of air contaminants such as viruses and bacteria
  • Non-centralized air-conditioning system prevent inter-tenant spread of contaminants
  • Low or non-VOC paints and finishes reduce toxins in the air
  • WELL Certified buildings provide an improved environment for employees and clients, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and health, increased productivity and staff retention.3 – a higher return on investment

Clean air – that is Menarco’s promise.  As we prepare ourselves to go back to work, you can be assured that the indoor air quality at Menarco Tower is kept optimal.  Mitsubishi air-conditioners are fitted with high-level MERV filtration and ERV systems virtually eliminating the danger of sick building syndrome from contaminants found in recycled air.

Every single day, we breathe more than 15,000 liters of air, consuming the equivalent in mass of approximately four times more air than food and liquid together.1 During the day, we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors.2  Thus, we designed your space to be the healthiest and well-thiest it can be.

As a WELL Certified building, we help safeguard the building occupants against the spread of COVID-19 by continuously introducing fresh, pre-filtered air into our building through MERV 13 rated air filters at our ground floor and elevator lobbies.  These are hospital-grade filters fine enough to filter bacteria and sneeze droplets.  Each office space has its own ventilation system and with its own fresh air supply to dilute human-and product-generated air pollutants.   There is a reduced or zero possibility of inter-tenant spread through the air-conditioning system.

Aside from continuously introducing fresh, filtered air, we inspected every item and ensured that only products that we use only products that meet WELL and LEED standards.  Low or non-volatile organic compound (VOC) paints, adhesives, and materials means fewer toxins floating around that may cause dry throat, asthma attacks, and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

“In sum, you can be assured that the indoor air at Menarco Tower is kept clean and fresh. And this stringent air filtration and ventilation system has been in place from the start. This has always been our standard.  Thus, we are proud to be the first and healthiest office building in the country and Southeast Asia.


1McDowell J. Encyclopedia of Human Body Systems. Greenwood; 2011

2Klepeis N, Nelson W, Ott W, et. al. National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS); 2011.

3International WELL Building Institute; 2015

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