Menarco Development Corp.

Menarco Development Corporation creates spaces and places that reward the modern Filipino with exemplary experiences that delight the head, heart and hands.

Menarco Development Corporation always begins with human needs at the center, and crafts impeccable spaces and experiences around them. Today, we have Menarco Tower, a boutique corporate office tower designed to delight the human body and being.

Menarco is a new brand that blazes new trail by creating the healthiest office tower in Southeast Asia. Its chairman, Menardo R. Jimenez, Sr. is a real estate businessman and former president of GMA Network, Inc., while his daughter Carmen Jimenez-Ong drives the company with a clear vision and firm commitment to putting human needs at the center of everything they do. This alchemy of strength and grace is manifested in tangible and intangible ways throughout Menarco — in their strategies, products, culture, partnerships, and relationships.

Reach out to us today and be engaged in a new conversation with Menarco on how to invest in an evolved office space that enhances and empowers the human capital that will secure your business in the 21st century.


To be a globally-trusted voice in creating humanity-centered (residential, commercial, work and leisure) spaces to work, play and live in.


Through the (residential, commercial, work and leisure) spaces we create, we commit to the Filipinos’ well-being by putting humanity’s needs first, making sustainable decisions, and being good steward of our resources.


A living platform built to deliberately go beyond the business of selling steel, concrete and glass structures to mindfully create and celebrate spaces that respect the human being and elevate human life.


We mean what we say and say what we mean. We speak plainly but with respect. We make genuine and sincere connections.


We are not fazed by dead-ends. We are not afraid to go against the flow. We make a stand.


We walk in other people’s shoes. We listen actively and act accordingly. We help others carry the day.


Walang iwanan. Walang laglagan.


We are part of a larger whole. We know the consequences of our actions. We are grateful for every opportunity and trial.

We do what we do through His grace.


We’re thrilled when we see something great. We take pride in achieving goals. We have an insatiable desire to learn and do better.

We aim and shoot above the standards.