Menarco Tower

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Menarco Tower is a multi-awarded boutique office development situated in the main artery of Bonifacio Global City. Spanning a total floor area of 48,580 sqm and 32 floors, this addition to 32nd Street is in a league of its own. The tower’s construction was guided by the values of understated refinement, timelessness, restraint, elegance, strength, and intuition.

Understated refinement

The exteriors are purposefully taut and clean. The first level of the tower’s exteriors consists of soft grey glass set against charcoal grey aluminum mullions and natural charcoal grey slate. The second level consists of deep vertical wooden fins that span the lower façade of the tower, extend inside, and run the full length of the main lobby ceiling. They appear again towards the upper level of the tower façade, screening the penthouse terrace, and finally capping the tower.


The architecture of Menarco Tower is an intentional departure from current trends. Led by the highly acclaimed Aidea and CS Design, the tower’s architecture breaks from superfluous moves and gestures, and opts for quiet elegance with an underlying fortitude.

Restrained, elegant, and strong

These are Harvard-educated Architect Anna Sy’s words to describe the subtle juxtaposition of complementing materials, textures, and rhythms, such as the light-colored beige marble contrasted against the Habana brown stone and solid teak wood.


The site of the tower informs the building’s main design element. Situated between 32nd street and open space, the tower lobby acts as a link between the two. The main lobby is a tall and wide arcade that runs the depth of the property, connecting pedestrians to both ends. This movement dictates the circulation diagram of the building as well as the overall architectural design.

Through investments that are seen and unseen, this prestigious environment allows tenants to focus on taking their businesses to unprecedented heights. Meticulously chosen features of Menarco Tower create an elegant environment that will stand the test of time, aging gracefully and efficiently.

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