Menarco Tower

is a showcase of extraordinary Filipino talent. Menarco partnered with DATEM, JACMI, Aidea and CS Design – all respected leaders in their industries to design and create this award-winning building. 100% Filipino, 100% excellence.

Comprising 1,229 sqm each, the floors can efficiently be divided into 2, 3 or 4 allowing for maximum flexibility depending on tenant needs. The 2.8 meters floor to clear ceiling height and columns located at the perimeters provide ample open space to grant natural light and view access for any occupant. While recommendation is for 8 sqm per person, the tower is designed for higher density, future proofing the building for our tenants’ growth.

 Commercial spaces at the ground floor boast of 5 meters clear ceiling height allowing for installation of mezzanine.

Menarco Development Corp|Proof of Promise

All of the 383 parking of the tower is housed in the 4 basement and 6 podium floors. Included are 37 mechanical parking lifts allocated to serve visitors of the building. The 50% open louvers of the podium floors allow for natural ventilation and light. While the combination of turbo jet fans, centrifugal exhaust fans and combi-nozzle type fresh air fans, interlocked with the carbon monoxide sensors, provide more than enough ventilation for the basement levels.

8 high speed 24 person / 1600kg Japanese-made Mitsubishi elevators bring tenants to their leased units within seconds. Fully monitored through CCTV cameras and access controlled by state-of-the-art RFID system, safety and security is maintained within the tower.

Menarco Tower has UL-listed and FM approved NOHMI BOSAI brand semi-addressable fire detection and alarm system. The 45,000 gallon fire water storage tank, fire department connection hydrant system, Grundfos brand submersible multi-stage jockey pump and Firetrol and Schneider control panels found at the security office complete the system to protect the tower during unexpected emergencies.

The fiber optic data cabling and multi-pair Category 5e cable for voice grant tenants flexibility to determine their internet speed and select from the various communication and internet providers in the Philippines.

KuratticeEco wood accenting the tower’s facade is produced from wood and plastic wastes bonded by aluminum extruded material. This was not selected merely for its lightweight and durable qualities, but moreso as a towering testament to our commitment to find innovative materials that will protect the planet.

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